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The Pirana presents pioneering technology and a fresh perspective for onsite septic systems, representing the inaugural instance where human sewage can be recycled onsite, surpassing the conventional treatment of only contaminated water. This groundbreaking innovation fills a longstanding gap dating back to the inception of cesspools and septic systems. Demonstrating significant cost-saving potential, the Pirana has rescued millions of dollars for numerous property owners grappling with challenges in their onsite and septic systems. Its positive influence extends across a broad spectrum of properties, ranging from single-family homes to hotels and resorts, delivering substantial benefits to property owners throughout the USA.

The patented Pirana Aerobic Bacteria Generator, designed to be both simple and cost-effective, serves as a compact and seamlessly integrated modular addition to your septic tank. Installing the Pirana device is easy and typically causes minimal landscape damage to any septic tank. Within the septic tank, the Pirana unit establishes a unique oxygen environment that supports the thriving of the natural Pirana Blend Bacteria. These bacteria, known as some of the most potent recycling agents in nature, rapidly multiply and efficiently digest all daily organic solid waste entering the septic tank. This process virtually eliminates the need for future septic tank pumping. As the Pirana-treated effluent reaches the drain field, the bacteria continue their work by aggressively consuming the biological soil, preventing the clogging biomat that leads to system failure. In contrast to the expensive and disruptive mechanical replacement of a biologically failed disposal field, the Pirana offers an affordable and simple biological solution to address this natural challenge.

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